Maximum Power Point Tracker

Inverters with two MPPT trackers offer you ultimate flexibility and performance optimization for your PV system. With the ability to have two independent MPP tracking zones, you can effectively utilize solar modules with different orientations or shading patterns. The benefits are numerous:

Maximum energy harvesting:
By separately monitoring and optimizing two MPP tracking zones, you can maximize the energy yield of your PV system, even under challenging conditions.

Flexibility in module placement:
With two MPP tracking zones, you have the freedom to install modules on different roofs or with different orientations without compromising the overall system performance.

Reduced impact of shading:
Even if some of your solar modules are partially shaded, the other modules can continue to operate efficiently as they are controlled by a separate MPPT tracker.

If you plan to expand your PV system in the future, inverters with two MPPT trackers allow for easy integration of new modules without major system adjustments.

Discover the advantages of an inverter with two MPPT trackers and maximize the efficiency of your PV system. Order your inverter from us today and experience optimal energy harvesting for your sustainable power generation.