inutec solarcenter international gmbh

Im Gewerbegebiet 17

38315 Schladen - Germany

How to contact us:

The fastest and best way to reach us during business hours (Mon.-Thurs. from 9.30am - 4pm | Fri. until 2 pm) is here via the black chat symbol (bottom right). Please leave us your written or spoken message there on all your issues. During our business hours, you will usually receive your personal reply within one day.

Alternative you can also contact us by phone or e-mail:

  • Customer service: +49 5335 22 9999 0 (9am - 4pm) |

  • Equipment selection/technical advice: +49 5335 22 9999 5 (10am - 4pm)

  • Sales: +49 5335 22 9999 1 (12am - 6pm)

  • Order modification/cancellation:

  • Equipment malfunction: 05335 22 9999 6 (9am-13pm) |

We ask you to choose only one communication channel, otherwise errors or delayed response times may occur - the fastest way is via the communication platform at the bottom right of our website.

Collections and on-site visits are only possible by arrangement!

Please also use the communication platform!

The collection period is always Tuesday - Friday between 10am - 1pm.

Bank details:
inutec solarcenter international gmbh

Uni Credit/ Hypo Vereinsbank
IBAN: DE92200300000020649475


IBAN: DE35440100460364783465