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Convenient Registration of Your PV System
If you have purchased the essential components of your system from us, this offer applies to PV systems from our renowned and market-leading manufacturers SMA, Victron Energy, Q Cells, Fronius, Solax, and SofarSolar in combination with our solar modules.

Our registration service takes care of the complete registration of your PV system with or without energy storage or wallbox with the responsible grid operator (VNB) and, if desired, also in the Market Master Data Register.

And the best part?

You save yourself the difficult task of searching for installers, so you can fully focus on your self-produced electricity and sunny harvest. You get your PV system with a wide selection and at prices that still allow for a very good return on investment.

Benefit from our full service

Time Savings
Convenient registration of your PV system through our registration service. The search for an electrical master is eliminated.

Professional Support
We take care of the entire registration process for you.

Exclusive Offer
Only for customers who have purchased essential components from us.

Renowned Manufacturers
We collaborate with market-leading manufacturers.

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How to use our registration service

  1. Booking the registration service through our webshop
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  2. Providing the required data
    You complete the registration form in your created customer account fully
    Go to Registration Form
  3. Data verification and payment
    We check your data for completeness and plausibility within three working days. If everything is complete, we ask you to settle your invoice.
  4. Registration
    Up to three working days after receipt of payment, we start the registration process of your PV system with the responsible grid operator (VNB).
  5. Installation
    You install your PV system and complete the installation.
  6. Providing necessary data and completion notification
    We ask you to upload some pictures and perform and confirm some checks.
  7. Completion notification
    We check your submitted data and notify the VNB that your system is ready.
  8. Installation of the bidirectional or feed-in meter by the VNB
    If the meter is not installed by the VNB within one month, you may connect and commission your PV system up to an installed capacity of 10.8 kWp.
  9. Optional free entry in the Market Master Data Register
    Upon request, we will register your system free of charge with the Market Master Data Register within one month after commissioning.
Further Information about the Registration Process
  • Some grid operators provide us with a transaction number for registration. We will promptly forward this to you.
  • We kindly ask for your understanding that we have no influence on the speed and timing of meter changes.
  • If the grid operator does not respond to our connection request within one month, PV systems with an installed capacity of up to 10.8 kWp may be connected via the existing house connection without approval from the grid operator. If your PV system is not yet commissioned, please send us pictures of the installed solar modules, the installed inverter, battery storage, as well as the installed SLS switch and the opened meter cabinet after installation.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

For all photovoltaic systems larger than 600 W, with or without energy storage, registration with your local grid operator and registration in the Market Master Data Register of the Federal Network Agency in Germany is necessary. The requirements and procedures for registration, which must be carried out by an electrical master according to regulations, vary depending on the federal state and region.

With our registration service, we aim to eliminate this bottleneck and make the process of installing your cost-effective PV system easy. Upon request, we also handle the registration of photovoltaic systems in the Market Master Data Register. However, this can also be done independently.

Only with registration can the grid operator integrate the operation of your grid-connected PV system into the electricity grid. You consume your self-produced, environmentally friendly electricity yourself. Nowadays, most people store it in the now affordable lithium batteries or alternatively feed it into the public electricity grid for a small compensation. Exceptions are systems that either do not generate more than 600 watts of electricity or, due to their design (e.g., off-grid systems), cannot feed into the public electricity grid.

Operators of photovoltaic systems are required by the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) to register in the Market Master Data Register within one month after commissioning. This nationwide central register has evolved into the database for the energy transition. The aim is to unify and simplify reporting obligations to authorities in the future.

The registration with the grid operator (VNB) for photovoltaic systems is typically carried out by the installer, owner, or operator of the system. However, a representative such as an installer or electrician can also undertake the registration on behalf of the owner. It is important that the registration is filled out correctly and completely to avoid issues during the commissioning of the system and to ensure smooth feeding of the generated electricity.

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