Delivery time | Availability

Until now your delivery has not been notified to us.

As soon as this happens, you will receive a message.
Most companies are currently struggling against the dynamics in the supply chains. Much has to be rescheduled on a daily basis due to lack of materials, ships, trucks, personnel, etc.

This is happening with 400% higher demand that no one could have foreseen. All these volumes have to be constantly organized, rescheduled and managed. That's why even the manufacturers can't make forecasts.
Here is an example of the situation in German ports:

We know that you need your material urgently and we understand your problems & wishes.
We can assure you that your order is not forgotten.

You will be informed as soon as your delivery is advised.

Please take the expected - from the manufacturer named - delivery dates from our webshop
(at the time of your order). 

The information here is only an estimate of the manufacturer, due to the unstable supply chains on the world market, shifts can not be excluded.
We ask for your understanding.

The prerequisite for a pickup is that you have received an invoice.

With this you will receive a link to book an appointment.

We also ship partial deliveries without you having to ask for it separately. In any case, if it makes sense logistically (e.g. goods are shipped directly from the supplier) and/or technically (assembly sections can be completed, roof installation, etc.). The background to this is also that we also only have certain capacities in our warehouse and cannot store goods for weeks or months.

Should it come to another case, where neither of the two points mentioned applies in the actual sense, but "large" items from your order would be available, we will come to you proactively to discuss the further procedure with you.

To find out your shipping cost, please add the items you want to your shopping cart.

Based on your city/zip code & the weight of your selected products, the delivery cost will be calculated.

This happens before the purchase, you can cancel the process afterwards.

Technics | Products | Quote

We offer the mounting rack from the european market leader K2 Systems.

Please feel free to send us the article list, or simply the materials with article number from our category "Mounting Systems" or the K2 website.

Please plan your mounting system online with K2 BASE

K2 BASE is a free online software that allows you to conveniently plan your assembly system online.
All you need is a current Internet browser. Satellite images from Google Maps as well as graphic drawing tools are available for your planning.
At the end you will receive a useful project plan, including a list of articles and also the static proof.

As our customer, please simply enter "inutec solarcenter" in the "Company" field during base registration.

Please consider that K2 Systems has to activate your account first. This can take up to 48 hours.

The Growatt installation code to register is:

Installation code: AYPKD

"Shinephone account registration" installation guide

The password to save system relevant settings is: "growatt+todays date". e.g. "growatt20210209".

In order to set up your Victron system and put it into operation correctly, the following steps are required.

Here are just some non-committal and not complete instructions:

  • Attached are two videos on how to connect your GX unit.

"How to connect to the Venus GX (or any other GX device)".

"Connecting a Victron GX Device online and setting up a GX GSM".

Install and set up VE-Connect, "the all-in-one"

If this was successful, please take a close look at the VE-Connect and the Remote Console with all settings. There are detailed instructions and explanations for each item.

You should also update the firmware for devices all (except beta versions) and then set the file VE-Configure (directly under the updates in VE-Connect).

You can find this in VE Connect under: Devices (Device).

If these buttons are not visible, you need to enable bi-directional communication in the Remote Console.

You would now have to make the settings in VE configure - among others load the ESS wizard and at Pylontech batteries make the settings you find here:

Important! Please read & execute this paragraph for connecting and setting up Pylontech batteries completely:

Here is a video on VE-Conect - for an off grid installation:

In general you can find almost everything on the very good websites of
Please check here.

If the information provided by us and the manufacturer was not sufficient, we offer you an additional one-hour setup assistance for which we charge you 75 euros net.

To design and select a Victron charge controller, it is best to use the Victron tool MPPT charge controller calculation, which you can download here:

There you can create your selected module by entering the current and voltage data of your module there and create everything under the name of your module. Now you can see for example if you can put more than 8 modules per string on the MPPT 450/100 Tr.

In terms of power, this MPPT can handle about 6 kWp (5.8 kW max. charging power).

Now you would have to divide the modules accordingly.

Here you will find the approved mains switch boxes of the company Enwitec.

Please select your desired box via the configurator.

We will gladly inform you about price and delivery time - if the article is not available on our website.
Please send us the article description and Item number.

You can reach us via the communication module on our website, click on the black contact symbol at the bottom right of the page.

We currently have a very high demand, therefore we ask you for your assistance.
If you would like an offer, please open a customer account and, if possible, already select one or more items on a "wishlist".
Please then release your wish list and inform us.
We can discuss your system.

As a dealer and craft business, you buy at special prices. Please register and contact us for approval with your VAT ID and web address or your business registration:
We look forward to our cooperation!

Malfunctions | Transport damage

We are very sorry that there are problems with your ordered product.

In order to provide you with the fastest and most efficient support, we/the manufacturer please need some information.

The better you describe and prove your problem, the faster the manufacturer can make the right decision in your case.

The list below represents an example, which is of course not suitable for all devices.

IMPORTANT: please do not disassemble your device for the time being and please do not send it to us or the manufacturer until it has been approved by the manufacturer.

  • Serial number: written or via a clear picture of the label with model and S/N.

  • Measured values and parameter settings: measured current and voltage of each string. Alternatively, record a video of the inverter screen showing all relevant values of the system - to be run through all

  • Parameter settings: as above, send the video via wetransfer, dropbox or similar.

  • Error description:

    a) What has occurred?

    b) Detailed description
    of device state actions taken and final result (i.e. battery fully charged, inverter on, inverter-m display lights up, beeps for a few seconds and display turns off). If necessary, please make a video as well.

    System description: battery, PV connection, protection, grounding and connections. Describe battery model and configuration, PV connection (module type, number of strings and modules per string), DC & AC disconnect switch and surge protector, whether the system is grounded and how everything is wired together. If possible, detailed single line diagram and data sheets.

We thank you for your assistance and will open a service ticket with the manufacturer as soon as possible after receiving all the information. And we will get back to you as soon as we hear from the manufacturer.

You are welcome to order an inverter repair on our website. In any case, if the inverter has not been totally destroyed by lightning or the like and no attempt has been made to repair it.

Here is the link:

All other information can also be found on this page.

Please check your delivery immediately upon delivery for completeness as well as for open and concealed transport damage!

If you are an end customer (private person), the following applies:

If your package / or your pallet is damaged or missing a component listed in the delivery bill, please notify the courier or carrier immediately so that this is registered with the supplier.

Then please also immediately send us an informal damage report with a short description of the damage and meaningful pictures, preferably via the communication platform on our website (bottom right). Alternatively, send an mail to


If you sign a complete and damage-free transfer of goods in the case of obvious damage or missing items and do not subsequently report the damage within one day, your refund claim expires!

Concealed damage is best reported in writing immediately, but no later than 7 calendar days after receipt of the goods, in order to still be entitled to a refund.

Thank you!

You are welcome to return your goods to us in accordance with the legal regulations.

Important is:  

please be sure to include your order number, name and reason for return with your return package so that we can assign the return to your order.


Special regulations apply to electronic equipment that is installed.

Therefore, please assure us that the equipment is in its original condition and has not been installed.  If this is not the case, please inform us, as the equipment can then no longer be sold as "new".


Please also make sure that the goods arrive undamaged, please make sure that the goods are carefully repackaged so that the original carton can still be used.


We recommend that you send the package with a value appropriate insurance to avoid loss of value due to damage in transit.Please keep the receipt of your return until the refund is received on your account.

You will receive your refund within 14 days after we receive your return.

Please send your return to the following address: 


inutec solarcenter international gmbh

In the industrial park 17

38315 Schladen - Germany

Subject: Return


Thank you very much!

Customer account | Order changes | Cancellations

My customer account is not visible anymore

Since mid-February our new photovoltaic webshop is online.After 9 months of effort, our new shop will offer you many more possibilities.
Unfortunately, it was not possible to transfer your customer account from our “old” webshop.
However, your order will continue to be processed as normal and you have not lost your position in the order queue!
Unfortunately, there is no way to make your previous orders visible to you in our new webshop.

Our “old” shop also did not offer the possibility to view a delivery status online. Therefore, you have not missed any important information.
Please excuse this inconvenience.

P.S. If you cannot find an answer to your questions in our FAQ’s and further information, simply contact us via the communication platform at the bottom right of every shop page.

If you want to change your order, we ask you to proceed as follows:

  • Please re-enter the complete order in the webshop.

  • Note the following in the note field: Change of old order AUXXXXX

  • We will then cancel your first order independently and process the new order instead.

Do not worry that the change and the new order number will put you on the waiting list.

order number, you will move down the waiting list.

We will add you back internally at the same place.

It may take up to 14 days before you receive written confirmation of the cancellation of the old order.

Thank you for your patience!

To cancel your order, contact us via our communication module on our website, click on the black contact icon at the bottom right of the page.

We require your cancellation in writing, specifying which item is to be cancelled.

It may take 14 days for you to receive written confirmation of your cancellation, but your cancellation is still legally binding at this point.

Payment | Payment methods

The payment for your ordered goods is made during the check-out process and is due in full.
The invoice will be generated promptly afterward and sent to the email address you provided.

If your ordered items are not currently in stock, they will be promptly placed on order with the supplier.
Currently, 2-4 weeks from the date of the invoice is considered "normal" for the receipt of your goods when they are not in stock.
Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone for any further questions.