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Solar thermal

Efficient solar thermal accessories for your PV System.

Solar thermal is an innovative technology that allows you to use solar energy to heat water and support your heating system.

Our range of solar thermal accessories includes a variety of components designed specifically for integration with your PV system. With these accessories, you can increase the efficiency and performance of your PV system by using the sun's energy to generate heat as well.

An essential accessory for solar thermal is the solar collector. Our high-quality solar collectors capture solar energy and convert it into heat. They are available in various sizes and designs and can be easily integrated into your existing PV system.

We also offer solar hot water storage tanks for efficient use of the thermal energy generated. These storage tanks allow you to store and use the generated thermal energy as needed. They are robust, durable and provide reliable heat storage for daily hot water needs.

Furthermore, we offer a selection of solar thermal controls and controllers. These smart devices optimize the operation of your solar thermal system by monitoring and adjusting energy flow and temperature control. With the right controls, you can optimize energy consumption while increasing comfort.

In our "Solar Thermal Accessories" subcategory, you'll also find accessories like pumps, piping, valves, and other installation materials that are essential to the smooth operation of your solar thermal system.

When selecting our solar thermal accessories, we focus on quality, performance and durability. We work with reputable manufacturers who offer high-quality products and meet common standards and certifications.

Benefit from the versatile use of solar energy and expand your PV system with our high-quality solar thermal accessories. Browse our range now and find the right accessories for the efficient use of solar energy for water heating and heating support. If you have any questions, our experts will be happy to help. Increase the efficiency of your PV system with our reliable solar thermal accessories.