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Founded in 1995 inutec solarcenter helps customers to find the best possible solar power system for their individual needs for 28 years now. We planned and built hundreds of PV systems – about 50 MWp = 50000 kWp.

In Southeast Asia we started a solar school to provide not only the components but also the missing and very much needed knowledge. We were able to plan and build solar power systems all over the world, both small and very large, on- and off-grid. We were active in all areas of photovoltaic, for example as TÜV-experts.

inutec solarcenter is an innovative and dynamic company with lots of knowledge of all major manufacturers and their products. As a customer you will be provided with all the leading and most recommended brands such as SMA, Q-Cells, Pylontech, Sofar Solar, Alpha Outback Energy, BYD, Imeon Energy, Kaco, Fronius, Enwitec, Sungrow, GoodWe, Solis, K2-Systems, Victron Energy, Heckert, Ja-Solar, Benning, Solax and many more.

We supply end customers, but also resellers. Our head office and the main warehouses are located in 38315 Schladen, Lower Saxony.

We are happy to advise you independently of any manufacturer. If you have any question, please click on the black communication module on the bottom right of this page and then choose "technical advice". There you can ask your question by voice message or also in writing. Usually, you will receive your answer the same day or the next.

You can also reach us by phone: +49-5335-229999-0


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Since 1995 the inutec solarcenter, with its founder, environmental engineer and TÜV expert for photovoltaic systems Alexander Kaub, in the photovoltaic industry.