With the inutec solarcenter you get a partner with almost 30 years of PV experience.  

For our customers we have been assembling for decades PV systems from components and assembling them ready for operation.  

Grid-connected PV systems - Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Kaub and his team have planned and erected many hundreds of solar systems (approx. 70,000 kWp) since 1995. Here you can find some examples. 

Our solar academy has trained engineers, decision-makers and PV companies in various countries for many years.  

Activities abroad & large installations - From the solar school to the planning of stand-alone plants and large-scale projects - here you will find some highlights of the last years and decades. Learn more about the large-scale plants in which inutec has been involved. 

You will receive expert advice on the planning, selection, delivery and installation of your PV system.