Funding opportunities for photovoltaic systems through tax benefits (0% VAT)

In many European countries, including Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Croatia, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, you can benefit from reduced or even 0% VAT rates when purchasing photovoltaic systems. However, the conditions for these benefits vary from country to country. While in Germany, Italy, and Romania almost all components of the system are tax-advantaged, in the Netherlands, tax benefits are only available for specific parts like modules or inverters.

Additionally, there are often specific requirements to apply these tax reductions. For example Austria: Here, primarily solar modules are subsidized. However, if you also order inverters, storage systems, or accessories with the solar modules in one order, these are considered ancillary services and are also covered by the subsidy conditions. For PV storage systems, there is also a maximum ratio of storage capacity to module output of 2:1 allowed.

Understanding these tax advantages and their prerequisites can be challenging, as the information is often not easily accessible. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth looking into possible tax benefits. We are happy to help you find the best and most profitable solution for your projects.

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Here is an overview of the tax exemptions and reductions for PV systems in various EU countries:


In Germany, PV systems are exempt from VAT if they are used exclusively for self-consumption. The installation of the system and all associated components such as solar modules, inverters, and battery storage can benefit from this regulation.

Accordingly, for private individuals: By purchasing your item, you confirm that you are a private person and are acquiring the item for private purposes only. Price applies exclusively for sales to private individuals (0% VAT).


Austria also promotes the installation of PV systems through tax relief. Here, primarily only solar panels are eligible for tax benefits. However, inverters and other accessories are also included if ordered together. PV storage systems also benefit, but only if the ratio of storage capacity to panel power is a maximum of 2 to 1.


Italy offers a tax reduction to 10% VAT on PV systems and their components. This exemption applies to both private and commercial installations, with Italy particularly keen on expanding its renewable energy capacities.


France offers reduced VAT rates for the installation of PV systems. Although there is no complete exemption, the reduced rates are significantly lower than the regular VAT rate.

Croatia, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland

These countries also offer various incentives and tax relief for the installation of photovoltaic systems. The specific conditions and the extent of tax reductions can vary according to national legislation, but they are often designed to maximize the use of renewable energies.

The diversity of tax policies within the EU reflects the strong commitment of the Union to promote the transition to renewable energy sources and reduce carbon emissions. For investors and homeowners, it is worthwhile to closely examine the specific regulations in their country to maximize the tax benefits for the installation of PV systems.