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LONGi Solar

LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., commonly known as LONGi Solar, is a major player in the global solar technology market. Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in Xi'an, China, and specializes in monocrystalline silicon technology. LONGi has risen to become one of the largest solar module manufacturers in the world, leading global module shipments since 2020.

The company employs over 60,000 people worldwide and operates manufacturing facilities in China, India, and Malaysia. LONGi has been at the forefront of developing and mass-producing high-efficiency solar modules, consistently setting world records for photovoltaic cell conversion efficiency.

LONGi is also committed to sustainability throughout its operations. It emphasizes environmentally conscious manufacturing and supply chain practices, focusing on reducing energy waste and emissions throughout the lifecycle of its products.

Significant investments in research and development have propelled innovations such as PERC cell technology and bifacial modules, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing solar energy costs.

Additionally, LONGi actively participates in various international climate initiatives and has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2030 compared to 2020 levels. These efforts highlight LONGi's commitment to maintaining leadership in solar technology innovation while contributing to global environmental sustainability.