Activities abroad & large-scale PV installations: Far beyond German borders

Since its foundation, inutec has carried out numerous technical inspections of existing PV systems in Germany. In the process, faults were eliminated and expert opinions prepared. At many of the existing PV plants, defective inverters were replaced with suitable new devices. 

In addition, the inutec solarcenter delivered PV components such as solar modules, charge controllers, inverters, batteries and mounting systems to several countries around the world. inutec helped plan and design many of these systems in advance. Finished systems were also delivered. The following is an excerpt of the projects:

Village power supply on Karampuang Island

In 2017, inutec supplied hundreds of bidirectional Sunny Island battery inverters, grid-connected inverters, monitoring systems and accessories to supply electricity to four villages on Karampuang Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia. inutec also supported the project with planning and technical advice. In total, 4 such off-grid systems were built for 4 villages on Karampuang. There is now a public grid on the island that is fed only by the sun. At night, battery systems supply the electricity stored during the day.


Small Home System on Radja Ampat

Inutec can also operate on a smaller scale: here a small home system on Radja Ampat, Indonesia, where a freezer is operated. Photo after checking the system.

Large installations and projects

PV-Diesel Hybrid Solutions from SMA

The sun saves fuel: SMA and inutec PV diesel solutions offer independence from fossil fuels and reduce operating and maintenance costs, especially in remote areas far from the public grid. Diesel fuel costs are reduced and all environmental regulations, including CO2 regulations, can be reliably met.

A fantastic depreciation period goes hand in hand with noise and expense reductions and great environmental relief.


Technical management and preliminary planning of the Cebu Solar Park in Oslob, Philippines (not yet realised).


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